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Maria TurnerMaria Turner is Manchester born and bred with a fierce passion for the area; one of her first triumphs as a councillor was playing a lead role in setting up the Local Traders Association, supporting local business. As a councillor for 8 years she was regularly organising and taking part in community clean ups, campaigns to improve the local area, arranging collection points for recycling and rubbish - working with residents to ensure a cleaner community. 

Maria has always backed local residents and when the news of the council closing Levenshulme Baths came in, she was the first in line to lead the campaign against the proposed closure. She called a public meeting attended by an overwhelming number of local residents where she listened to their concerns, and in response organised and fronted a march to Manchester Town Hall opposing the closure of the much loved and well used community facilities.

With two teenage daughters, road safety has always been a key issues for Maria, most notably when she successfully campaigned and secured the placement of a pelican crossing by a local school and elderly person's accommodation to ensure safer walks to school.

Maria played a key role in the formation of Levenshulme Festival Committee raising money to support projects in the area, including for local schools. She was the Chair of the committee for five years. Following concerns from residents surrounding crime, Maria took action to set up Home Watch in affected areas, working extensively and closely with the local community Police force. She was chair of a local school which was an assessment centre for children with special needs, another issues Maria remains passionate about and supported the local community on. Always holding regular advice sessions with her colleagues, Maria took an active interest in local youth centres ensuring they could raise their concerns to her personally. 

Maria has worked looking after the elderly with Dementia for over 20 years, leading a team and training nurses how to look after patients with the illness. She remains the Chair of the Group Scout Executive and this May she offers a breath of fresh air on what remains an often complacent, and complete, one party state.

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