Lizzy Bain

Ludo has been a member of the Liberal Democrats for over ten years. In that time he has become an experienced campaigner fighting for the re-election of his MP at the time, John Leech. He is also a former Trade Union steward and branch treasurer who has been extensively involved in member representation, running a branch and industrial action.

Ludo grew up in Altrincham and went to Manchester Grammar School before studying at Bristol University and Manchester Metropolitan University. 

He has lived in Chorlton for three years and has become a prominent member of the close-knit community. He is a father of four and stepfather of one. Ludo regularly attends services at St Clement's Church and was a volunteer at Chorlton Beer Festival in 2015. 

Professionally, Ludo works as a computer programmer for a global company based in Northwich, Cheshire. 

Ludo is particularly interested in environmental issues and has taken part in countless community cleanups. With a commitment to build a greener and more sustainable Manchester for this generation and the next, Ludo has promised that tackling the local environment is a top priority. After watching with horror as Manchester plunged itself into a complete one party state, Ludo decided to step up and offer the city a fresh voice; one that challenges the often complacent council and promises to help build a better Manchester.

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