Old Moat & Withington Coffee Morning

Please join us for tea and coffee with our Old Moat council candidate, April Preston and Manchester Withington's award-winning former-MP, John Leech. 

April Preston has been a member of the Liberal Democrats since 2005 when she started to see how hard and tirelessly John Leech was working for her area as the local MP. 

Becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of work being done by Manchester Council she decided to step in and do something about it; organising and taking part in countless community cleanups, charity events, fundraisers, taking on hundreds of pieces of casework and fighting for Old Moat residents day-in, day-out.

She has since become a key member of the Manchester Liberal Democrats and will stand in Old Moat ward in the 2016 local elections. She offers a real alternative to the complacent Labour one party state. An alternative that is hard-working, dedicated, approachable and personable. 

Join April and John, get to know the team and find out what they're up to at the Old Moat and Withington coffee morning on Friday 11th December from 11am.


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