Labour plans to push through Homeless Tax on World Homeless Day scrapped

Plans by Manchester Council to push forward with the much-maligned Homeless Tax on World Homeless Day (10/10/19) have been scrapped.

Reacting to the news that Manchester Council had planned to push forward with the Homeless Tax on World Homeless Day, Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Manchester John Leech said there was a "dark and sinister sense of irony."

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Dramatic u-turn on Brexit from senior Northern Labour figures

Senior Northern Labour figures have signed a letter pleading with the EU to reject a Brexit delay in a dramatic u-turn on the party's policy, despite having voted for a delay just days earlier. 

‘Joker’ may have just been released in cinemas across the country but Labour’s Brexit position is now “beyond a joke”, the Lib Dems have said. 

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Lib Dems call for 'When The Fun Stops, Stop.' slogan to be scrapped amid concerns it is 'exacerbating gambling crisis'

The Liberal Democrats are calling for the gambling industry's slogan 'When The Fun Stops, Stop' to be scrapped ahead of renewed scrutiny into tackling the crisis today.

The 'When The Fun Stops, Stop.' campaign was introduced by the industry-funded responsible betting body Senet Group in 2015.

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"No more soundbites": Lib Dems call for urgent action on rehabilitation of young offenders

The Liberal Democrats have launched a scathing attack on the government's record of rehabilitating offenders after a report into the treatment of young offenders revealed a shocking lack of care and resources.

Of the 50 young offenders observed in the report, just 44% of them received specialist support for their substance misuse problems in the months after they left the young offenders institute, a report from Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Probation (HMIP) has uncovered.

Just 11 of the 50 went back into education or training immediately.

The Lib Dems have slammed the government's record on rehabilitation, accusing it of settling for "pathetic soundbites" which is not backed up with resources.

Last year, senior Liberal Democrat John Leech launched an inquiry into the link between prisoners being abandoned upon release and the lack of housing available to them.

He revealed that hundreds of prisoners released each year are at serious risk of ending up on the streets because of a lack of social and affordable homes in major cities like Manchester.

The problem was even worse for young people with little or no support structure in place.

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Lib Dems warn it could be "several generations" before regional inequality is undone as North is hit hard in new findings

The Liberal Democrats have challenged the government over its dire record on regional inequality, as a University College London (UCL) report exposes the drastic North/South divide.

The UCL report singled out the treatment of women, working-class, ethnic minority and disabled groups as facing multiple disadvantages, which affected every aspect of their lives, including educational outcomes, employment prospects, homeownership, health and life expectancy. 

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"Johnson's hateful Government" responsible for shocking UC tapes about claimants

Responding to the shocking comments made by DWP staff about Universal Credit claimants, the Liberal Democrats have blamed "Boris Johnson’s hateful Tory Government" for promoting hateful language.

Benefits managers have been caught on tape making horrifying comments about claimants including blowing them up with a grenade and “faking it", according to the Mirror on Sunday.

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Brexit deal "designed to fail Northerners"


Senior Liberal Democrats across the North West have warned that Boris Johnson's new Brexit deal is "deliberately designed to fail Northerners".

The deal further risks the chances of the UK crashing out with No Deal at the end of this month.

As the Prime Minister presenting the government's 'new' proposals to Cabinet this morning, opposition voices across the North West have dismissed the plans as unfeasible.

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Opposition Questions to Council - October 2019

Here are the questions the Liberal Democrats will ask Manchester City Council in today's full council meeting.

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Homeless figures: "expose consistent failure of a system that simply doesn’t care"

The Liberal Democrats have warned that today's ONS figures on homelessness highlight the gross incompetence and lack of priorities from local and national politicians.

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Labour Brexit position is a "spineless betrayal of the North"

The Liberal Democrats have taken aim at the Labour Party, claiming their Brexit position is a "spineless betrayal of the North"

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