What to do with all that fir!

For those of you who were lucky enough to have a real fir tree this Christmas you may now be wondering as to the best way to recycle it. 

There are various schemes for recycling Christmas Trees in Manchester including those run by the Mersey Valley Wardens at Chorlton Park, the Hulme Community Garden and collection points in some Parks including Fog Lane Park.

You can also take it to your nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre.
For more information contact the Council on 0161 954 9000.

Just make sure you take your baubles off first!

Back to Work

After a couple of days off I'm back in the office catching up with some work this afternoon. It's a good opportunity to catch up with correspondence between Christmas and New Year, while most people are still in the festive spirit.

Boxing Day 2009

For several years Boxing Day has always been the day that I do as little as possible, usually eating too much and watching too much TV. Today has been no exception.

This afternoon I headed off to Eastlands with some trepidation (and care, since the roads and pavements remain pretty treacherous in parts) for Mancini's first game in charge of City. On paper this should have been an easy win for City, but it was set up perfectly for a disastrous start.

No doubt all the papers will be very disappointed that City ended up worthy winners 2-0. No doubt the speculation will surround the decision to leave Craig Bellamy on the bench and to start with Robinho, who had little impact for 70 minutes before being replaced by Bellamy. Hopefully Mancini was saving Bellamy for the away game on Monday night against Wolves, where Robinho will be a luxury we can't afford.

Christmas Day 2009

It was very strange having my first Christmas Day without my Dad being around. As usual I went to church in the morning and then to my sister's house for lunch, but it really felt like something was missing.

Late on in the afternoon I went to Catherine's Mums for tea, following by the compulsory viewing of Doctor Who and the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special!

Skating on Thick Ice!

I've spent the last couple of mornings sliding along numerous roads and pavements in Chorlton, Chorlton Park, West Didsbury, Old and Withington, delivering the last of the Christmas cards across the Constituency.

To say that the weather hasn't been kind is the understatement of the century, but once again the Council has failed to be properly prepared for the bad weather. There has been very little gritting of the roads, and what there has been has been woefully inadequate.

Delivering Christmas Cards In Burnage

This morning I was up early to help Burnage Councillors John Cameron and Iain Donaldson to deliver some Christmas cards with some help from West Didsbury Councillor Lianne Williams and Norman Lewis from Chorlton Park. It's amazing how quickly you can cover a big areas with a team of people helping, but the bad weather really slowed up down. Some of the minor roads are still incredibly slippy in places, and I nearly landed on my backside a number of times!

Meg Hillier encourages me to apply for an ID card!

This morning I received a letter from Meg Hillier, the Minister for ID cards, encouraging me to apply for an ID card. Thanks, but no thanks!

I seem to remember being accused by Labour of being soft on terrorism because I was against ID cards (even though the Madrid bombers all had an ID card, and that didn't stop them carrying out those attrocities), but the recent letter makes no mention of combatting terrorism. Funny that!

Apparantly ID cards will now help protect the public from identity fraud and theft, and act as a proof of ID, (albeit an expensive one!) I don't believe a word of it, and I suspect that Meg Hillier doesn't either. When I asked a parliamentary question (above) on how many people had applied for an ID card in Greater Manchester the answer was 749 (out of a possible 1.7 million), so it looks as though most people in Greater Manchester think that they are a waste of time too. It will be interesting to see the answer to my next question on the cost of the ID card scheme so far, to work out how much each of these 749 ID cards will cost!

A day in Church singing Christmas Carols!

It felt like I spent the whole of today in Church! After delivering Christmas cards first thing in the morning with Victor Chamberlain, Paul Ankers, Norman Lewis,Catherine and Andy I went to Manchester Road for the morning service. At 4pm it was back to Manchester Road for the Carol Service, and then straight to Christchurch on Parrswood Road for their Community Carol Service for a further 15 carols in one service!
It's great to see churches full at Christmas, particularly with people from the community organisations that use the buildings throughout the year.

Icy Roads and Channel Tunnel Trains

People often say that when we have a bit of snow everything grinds to a halt. Today is no exception. We've heard of several problems on the Channel Tunnel, with 1000s of passengers stranded on trains. Why can't we get it right? Countries with far worse weather conditions seem to cope, so why can't we?
The Council seemed to forget that the bad weather was on the way, and there was little evidence of gritting of the main roads, never mind any minor routes!
The vast majority of drivers were being very cautious, but there were numerous accidents throughout the day. What was most disappointing was to witness the mindless idiots who thought it would be clever to build an enormous snowball and then leave it in the middle of Mauldeth Road West just over the brow of the bridge so that drivers could not see it until after they had driven over the bridge heading towards Withington from Chorlton.
I stopped the car and got out and along with a pedestrian we managed to move the snowball (it needed 2 people to move it) on to the safety of the pavement. The mindless kids who had left the snowball in the road seemed to think that it was very funny, even though their stupidity could have caused a fatal accident.

Mark Hughes Sacked!

This afternoon I went to watch City against Sunderland. Having gone into a quick 2-0 lead, we should have won the game easily. Of course anyone who knows City will know that we never do it the easy way. We eventually won 4-3, although it should probably have been about 5-1.

On the way back from the match we heard that Hughes had been sacked and that the club would be making a statement later on in the evening.
Mancini has been appointed by the club and there is plenty of speculation that he had already been offered the job some time ago. That's football I'm afraid, but given that Hughes has got us to the semi-final of the League Cup (for the first time since 1981), we're 6th in the league, and if we win the next 2 games we'll have the target points that were agreed for the end of 2009, it is very harsh.
Personally I would have liked to see Mark Hughes get more time, but the new owners of the club probably think that we should be doing better than we are. One thing is for sure, the weight of expectation is going to be very high for Mancini!

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